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I want to write more about Artificial Intelligence and developing the kind of higher level thinking that could approach sentience. AI isn’t at this level yet by any means and part of the process of getting there is the critical thinking and judgment that humans take a lifetime to develop. How do you gel that down into logical processes or patterns of learning that an AI can use? My books explore these ideas in story form but I want to talk about them more plainly.

And what about the people who are setting up the learning processes the AI uses? What resources are they using? How do they tell an AI to make judgment calls about what is of value and what is meaningless? This is all dependent on the caliber of the people involved and how they, as a collective, agree to do it.

And this is just one of the things I think about.

There’s a lot to talk about.

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Suzanne Hagelin is writing about science fiction, updating on current projects, recommending books & articles, and musings about things she thinks about.


Suzanne Hagelin writes near-future, hard sci-fi adventures that explore themes like AI sentience and genetic engineering. Her books include “Body Suit”, the first of the Silvarian Trilogy. She is an active member of SFWA.