Oops. I have BODY SUIT #1 since October 2021 in my TBR list! Oh dear. I brought it forward. I liked the blurb very much! The only issue-for me-is that the series is not in KU. ☹️ Likewise, Sea of Rust isn’t in KU either. KU is a life saver for me, being on a fixed monthly income..

Anyway, it has been a lovely coincidence and a pleasure meeting you here in Substack! Thank you. 🧡

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The AI could create a whole new personality of us, and people would believe we are like that! We would have fake tastes, identity.., carry on a very educated and cultured conversation for us and be very likeable to others and in reality be a psychopath. Sounds daunting to me. Lol. Thank you, I like reading your articles and musings very much.

I haven’t read any of your books yet but going to check them out now. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend! Stay blessed. 🧡🙏


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